in store radio with cocopod solutions

Creation of an ideal atmosphere for any establishment.

We provide customized in – store radio services and help businesses advertise their campaigns.  We also provide our listeners with feel good music, and potential business opportunities and great experiences that fit their lifestyle.

Through Cocopod Solutions, your enterprise will have control of the music and advertisements in your establishment. We will also deliver your messages and brand directly to your customers. Not only would this increase the awareness of your promotions and special offers, but also provide an additional value to your clients’ experiences by giving the right form of entertainment each time they visit your establishment.

Inclusive services are:

  • Station I.D.

  • Daily management of in- store radio

  • Script writing

  • Voice over services for commercial ads including campaigns, promotions, and offers

  • Certificate of performance (traffic log) of radio advertisements

  • Accessible link of your radio in our website

Online and offline options are available.